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painted by kristopher kanaly

Abstract Passages


celebrating Passages

"Abstract Passages" is an immersive mural project in downtown Oklahoma City created by Kristopher Kanaly. The mural is an homage to the passages we use to travel from place to place. As we traverse new lands we discover eclectic cities and awe-inspiring nature, which leaves us with lasting inspiration.

The mural covers 10,000 sq.ft. of concrete walls of the Main Street underpass leading into Bricktown in Downtown Oklahoma City. Upon passing through, one will find a mosaic of architecture, skylines and hidden doorways inspired by the Bricktown District, the state of Oklahoma and the landscapes of the Southwest. One may notice the iconic terracotta colored buildings of Bricktown, historic architecture of downtown, and the sweeping adobe planes, which morph in and out of traditional 3D perspectives. Sprinkled throughout the piece are many obscure elements along with an overarching theme of space portals, cactus-people and even a hidden key. Challenge a friend to see if they can find all the hidden items before you can. Abstract Passages was commissioned by Downtown OKC Partnerships with approval by the Oklahoma City Arts Commission and The City of Oklahoma City.

Can you find all the hidden gems within the mural?

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